The Price You Will Pay to Live the Power of Your Dream

What would you have to be willing to be, to do, to live the power of your dreams? What kind of shifts in your lifestyle would be necessary for you to accomplish your goals? What do you have to let go of to get something much, much bigger? Sometimes things happen in life. You lose your job, a business deal falls through, you break up with your significant other, or maybe there‘s a tragedy.

Don‘t let any of that keep you from your dream. Think about it this way — now you have nothing to lose.

Janice Joplin used to say,

Freedom’s just another word for having nothing else to lose.”

Think about all the stuff holding you back. We have dreams, but we keep putting things in front of us that actually stop the flow. You might say to yourself, “I can‘t go for my dream because I have to keep paying my mortgage, car payment, child‘s tuition…”

Now ask yourself: are you working to pay for stuff that makes you miserable? If your goal is to pay for stuff, you‘ve missed the point of life. The “stuff” is simply there as a result of what you are being and doing. If having it is a result of loving life, of doing what you love, then it makes sense. Otherwise you are simply a servant to your material things, and you will always be looking for something more. So the price you will pay is to make your passion about the joy and excitement of your daily activity when you are in your life you‘ve always dreamed of, wished for, hoped for but for some reason haven‘t been able to achieve—until now.

Sometimes you have got to let go of what you have to get something bigger.

~ Daniel Pendley

About Daniel Pendley

Author of "The Power of The Dream" and Celebrity Life Coach and Leadership Speaker.

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