The Difference Between a Goal and a Dream

The difference between a Goal and a Dream is a Plan.

Make a plan for your life. The clearer you make your goals, the more specific your vision and the more quickly you will meet that goal. This is the way life can be and is supposed to be. Life does just magically happen when you plan for success.

We have all been given this gift, the ability to manifest dreams. Whatever you have in your life right now, believe it or not, you have manifested it, whether it‘s good or sometimes not so good. What you are thinking about right now is shaping your future. You can manifest what you want or what you don‘t want. So focus on what you want. Focus only on your goal. Think about how the results will feel to you. Feel it. Know it. Believe you can and will own it.

Act, believe, walk, talk, and know your dream is real.

~ Daniel Pendley

About Daniel Pendley

Author of "The Power of The Dream" and Celebrity Life Coach and Leadership Speaker.

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