Goal Setting and Wealth Building – The Power of The Dream!

For Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

The Power of the Dream – the Ultimate Way to Achieve Your Goals in 90 Days or Less!

  • Daniel will walk you through the seven steps to accept your dream, qualify, breakthrough, achieve, and commit to the Power of Your Dream.
  • Learn how to overcome the obstacles in achieving your goals.
  • Get focused on the goal with a specific plan and vision.
  • Draw your goals to you with the power of intention.
  • And much more…

The Difference Between a Dream and Meeting the Goal

  • Some people call it luck…we call it the difference between a dream and meeting a goal is a specific daily plan of action.
  • You will receive this step by step plan in this program, not only why but how to find what motivates you to meet your goal!
  • And much more…

Get Off the Roller Coaster and Onto the Cruse Ship! – Living a Balanced Life

  • We will visually break down our lives into categories of mental, physical, spiritual, financial, family and social.
  • We will organize the percentage of time spent on each and reprioritize our energies.
  • You will create your own personal goal poster.
  • And much more…

Multi-Level and Network Marketing Industry Specific

How to Build a Team to Support You

  • Steps to building and supporting your team.
  • Create leaders in your team.
  • Scripting and presentation tools to reach your success goals.
  • And much more…

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  • Learn how the Top 1% money earners work smarter not harder.
  • Steps necessary to become a leader for your team.
  • Build a monster team and the benefits of working together.
  • Learn how to enroll others in your vision.
  • And much more…