Freedom, Fear, And Dreams

Freedom, Fear, And DreamsThroughout history we‘ve been conditioned to believe the world is flat, or that the sun revolves around the earth, or whatever—until someone said, “I believe — I challenge — I dare to be different and go in the opposite direction of everyone else.” There are people out there who shatter previous beliefs about the world and our role in it. Think Galileo Galilei, Wilma Rudolph, Sir Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln. Even if your dream isn‘t as groundbreaking, it doesn‘t matter; it‘s the principle of the thing that counts. Be confident as you move in the direction of your dream. Break the chains of fear. Believe that something will happen to show you the way.

Take a circus elephant, for example. Right from birth, trainers chain baby elephants to a stake in the ground. When an elephant tries to pull up its foot, it‘s “stuck.” As the elephant grows, the action of pulling against that little metal shackle hurts. Eventually the animal stops pulling and stays. Therefore, fully-grown, two-ton elephants are stuck, not because they are or know they are—they could snap that chain in a second! They‘re stuck because of conditioning. They‘re stuck in their heads, and that makes all the difference.

What does that little metal shackle represent? A lack of education, money, self-confidence, time? That is fear which only seemingly keeps you from your goal. They are as real to you right now as the shackle is to the adult elephant, aren‘t they? We have allowed little things to become big obstacles.

Remember—obstacles are opportunities. Change your state of mind now. It takes belief and trust in yourself to break through the fear. Keep your eyes on the prize, and don‘t let anyone or anything scare you off track.

Nothing is bigger than God; nothing is bigger than the power of your dreams, so there‘s nothing to hold you back!

~ Daniel Pendley

About Daniel Pendley

Author of "The Power of The Dream" and Celebrity Life Coach and Leadership Speaker.

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