A Fear Worse Than Failure

No LimitsPeople are afraid of failure, but more afraid of the unknown — yes, afraid of actual success. People stop not because they are afraid of failure, believe it or not, but because of the success, the money, the power, the fame, and the responsibility that comes with these benefits.

Stop for a second and take yourself out of the equation, so you can focus on how your dream will help others. What‘s the price others will pay if you don’t pursue your goals?

How many people would be without electricity if Edison had not persevered in his dream to perfect something no one else believed in at the time? What about the mother who created the easy-hold baby bottle? What if your doctor had not become a doctor? Perhaps if Eunice Shriver had decided not to open a day camp for people with intellectual difficulties and disabilities at her house, there would be no Special Olympics today. What if Mother Teresa had not decided to become a nun? What if Dizzy Gillespie had never picked up a trumpet, if Rosa Parks had let someone else take her seat?

Make a list of whom your dream will affect once it is in play. That will give you drive. These people need you and they are waiting on you, so don‘t let them down. Approach those people whom it will affect and get excited! Let them know what you are working on accomplishing, and they will direct you and help you enroll people when your goal becomes their goal. Enroll people in your vision who will benefit as a result of your accomplishment before you accomplish it.

Know that if you could not fail, you can attempt anything — there is no limit to your goal. Identify your obstacles and turn them into opportunities. Don‘t let anyone stop you — not even yourself.

~ Daniel Pendley

About Daniel Pendley

Author of "The Power of The Dream" and Celebrity Life Coach and Leadership Speaker.

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